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The monster is facing Europe
 In less than 48 hours after the attempted coup (display or failed),the family oligarchy of Islamists in Turkey launched an extensive crackdown on all state institutions ( army, police, Interior Ministry, members of the judiciary, universities, press and etc. ) and only in the first two days over fifty thousands were the victim of the purge. The excuse for such extensive ...
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 يكشنبه، ۳ مرداد ۱۳۹۵Farhad Jafari Official Website
Farhad Jafari Official Website
The monster, is born
About Turkey’s attempted coup one can say: Such a coup was either a display or a real one. If it was real, it was either a civil and independent one or a one dependant on outside support. If it was dependant on outside support, it was either a European or a non European one. The “non-violence” nature, failure to arrest members of the government, lack of a ...
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[در «پانوراما دیدن» لذتی‌ست که در «محو پیکسلی‌کوچک‌شدن» نیست!]
گاهی [که در تاریخ بشر، بسیار هم به‌ندرت پیش می‌آید] ابعادِ رویدادی که در پیشِ چشم‌مان درحالِ اتفاق‌افتادن است؛ آن‌چنان «بزرگ» و «پانوراما»ست که مخصوصاً اگر در ردیف‌های جلو نشسته باشید؛ قادر ...
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Let me begin my letter with my best wishes and sincere congratulations to those honorable, noble, upright, and lovely people of America who took heed of your right and timely warning  and rose up to save and take back their country. Hence, they restored the country to its original owners in the last moments of their final chance.


Mr. Trump!

You’re more aware of the fact that since you’ve won the majority of American votes, you’re now the representative, and of course, the outcome of what you called a movement that is “a real and existential threat to the corrupted, avaricious, and criminal elites ruling the United States or even the whole world.” A threat to the elites who have denied “the public and their children” an overwhelming number of social and financial opportunities, and only allowing themselves and their offspring to take advantage of such privileges.

Meanwhile, with such a stunning clarity you stood up against those, who drawing on the sold-out media, did not hesitate to launch any offensive including slanders, libels, and insults against you, your electoral campaign and your supporters; hoping that they could poison the United States’ public opinion against you and steer it towards their own desired candidate.

Institutions, corporations, and the mainstream media that not only tarnished your reputation but also in the early stages, smeared the "rival Democratic candidate" (Bernie Sanders) too, forcing him to drop out of the presidential race (he now deserves more reproach than the final candidate, as he was aware of the injustices that was done to him yet he bowed out in favor of Clinton and turned his back on millions of his young supporters.)


You “being elected” is in many ways considered as a historic event. It can also be considered distinctive and historic as it unmasked the fact that “ an overwhelming number of US and European influential media (after decades of pandering to the phony corrupted world elites and “turning their back on the rights and interests of the people in the world” and ignoring the professional standards and principles ) have now completely lost their legitimacy and trust of  the public and contrary to the past  are no longer able  to easily mobilize  the public opinion in favor of “the international network of financial corruption and moral degeneration.”

You displayed the emptiness and meaninglessness of what seemed as “hard and solid” and “meaningful” for decades (up until the eighth of November 2016) and was undoubtedly dominating the world’s public opinion. This is your biggest mistake (from their point of view) for which you’ll never be forgiven.  


Mr. Trump!

Your “13th of October” speech in Florida illustrates that you are fully aware of “ the corruption and wickedness ruling the world” and also “the capabilities of the opposing side” to portray what is right as wrong”, “what is just as unjust” and “demonize what is good”. But despite such knowledge, you were probably not prepared for such level of leadership!


Therefore we must bear in mind that:

The formation of an unwanted but necessary “massive homogeneous coalition of apparently heterogeneous elements across the world” ( for example: New York Times on one hand and Der Spiegel on the other hand, or Lebanese Hezbollah on one hand and AIPAC on the other hand!)  against you and your independent Electoral Campaign (whether you wanted it or not, you knew it or not, you prepared yourself for it or not) has placed you at a unique level of taking the leadership of asking for the common demands of the world, which was hitherto unprecedented.


Let me be more frank:


You are the leader of a world revolution that seeks to establish justice and freedom and is based on the grounds of “Competence, honesty, truth, equality "and" morality” ( in the traditional sense which we knew up to four decades ago. ) and also “destroying and breaking all the ties of corruption and injustice.


Mr. Trump!

Do you remember the collapse of the World Trade Center?

And the mammoth of thick, heavy and never-ending dust that roared through the streets of New York engulfing whatever that was on its way and burying almost everything?

Your election campaign “aircraft” on the November the eighth crashed into a “structure, organization and a building” on a larger global scale ( the corrupted phony elites’ twin towers) and “their puppet media” and in less than a moment made the “Deception and Misdirection Empire” collapse.

That’s why the cover designer of the leftist Der Spiegel weekly illustrated you as a massive fiery Meteor that is about to strike the earth and destroy it.

I must say that they were right in some ways, even though they view you through their faulty and corrupted thoughts and perceptions.

What you and your noble countrymen did on the eight of November to reclaim the country from the “supporters of globalization” and prevent the “European degenerated ethics” to further weaken the country and make it collapse, is by far considered more important than the World Trade center attacks on September eleven.



Mr. Trump!

Believe it or not, hitting this “building” with your election campaign has buried many of such media outlets, corporations and institutions under the rubbles of a massive destruction. And making hundreds and thousands of their employees (many of whom are at the service of a wide and complex network of world’s corrupted phony rulers) desperate, unable and baffled to understand and analyze what has occurred.

So as you already said in your Florida speech on 13th of October, you’ve truly entered a “battlefield” in which your opponents did not hesitate to use any weapon against you and your voters, and will surely use such weapons again.  


Mr. Trump!

Considering the massive scale of the work you’ve done and the massive scale of the coalition against you:

Don’t ever think that your responsibility towards the oppressed and left alone people is merely limited to the forgotten people of the United States, because if the coalition against you is global, (which it in fact is) then your responsibility is also at a global scale.


Such global responsibility’s been imposed on you by United States Declaration of Independence long before the oppressed people of the world, including me, imposed on you.

The freedom and equality seeking authors of the declaration recognized America as responsible and a pioneer in demanding justice and freedom anywhere in the world.

Anywhere with rulers who have denied freedom and equality from its oppressed people.

All those who’re openly up against you in a war hope that you fail to keep your promises and “the wall of reality can knock some sense into you and wake you up from the dream of fighting world’s pervasive political and financial corruption.”

On the other hand what we (your voters in the US and your supporters across the world) only hope for is that you display how soft and thin the reality wall is. (The corrupted elite hope you hit it very hard and consequently wake up from your dream).  


Yes, there’s such a wall and it’s true.

However the wall only works when you give in to the “first temptation to compromise with dishonesty and injustice” and shake hands with the crooked oppressors and corrupts (even though for good intentions).

Mr. Trump!

Be inconsistent with the crooked dishonests in the US (and outside of it) in a firm and manly way. Because if the appeasement policy with the dishonests ever worked and could lead them towards “honesty and righteousness” and “justice and fairness” the world would have been different to what it is today.


Mr. Trump!

You and your administration (the new United States that has emerged in the wake of your victory) is the last glimmer of hope for the oppressed people who’ve had enough of pervasive oppression, injustice and corruption of their rulers. So please do not disappoint them. Keep your campaign promises and don’t give up on any of them.

Mr. Trump!

About the Middle East in particular I have to say that:

The problems of this region of the world (that is now, rapidly spreading across the world just like a progressive gangrene, making it look black and rotten) started about five decades ago, when the Carter who was United State’s president then opened his Pandora’s box and let the religious fundamentalist elves out to run across different parts of the Middle East.

To improve the world (which is getting worse minute by minute) without any compromise you must put back the religious fundamentalist elves one by one into the Pandora’s box and lock it. Place the box in the coffin of the spiritual father of religious fundamentalism and bury it with him. So the world is freed from viciousness, wickedness, insecurity and corruption and the good old days of “kindness, compassion and humanity are restored in the world.”

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